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Find Hope Zen Mon Mothma

DOB: 6/17/18 A1955862 ADGA Pedigree

Sire: *B Tera-Del Neo Zensation FS83 +++ (03-05)

Dam: Thornhaven Cerium's Matilda FS80 +AV+ (01-04)

Mon Mothma was the "baby" of the kid crop - and boy, does she know it!  The first kid on the ground here from Naboo, we are very pleased with her length and height.  She is an improvement on almost every aspect of her dam.  She grew like a weed and freshened easily as a just-yearling with a soft, milkable udder.  Her topline is one of the best in the herd.


Linear Appraisal


01-03 83 +VV+

Offspring in Herd

Find Hope Zen Medusa



2019: 174 DIM #750 25 21

Breeding Plans 2019

*B Addi-Hill T.O. Lee

B: N/A            D: $300

Due: 3/18/20

Dam Line

Sire Line

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