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Find Hope Farm's Dairy Herd


Senior Does

Our dairy herd started with two senior Experimental does purchased bred in 2015.  We have since decided to focus on Alpines, but we have retained our lovely Experimental does with the goal of breeding up to full Alpines.

Junior Does

From our first kidding (on the front porch) we have been hooked on goats.  These are our up-and-coming young does - the future of our herd.


We have carefully selected herd sires which will compliment our herd's genetics.  Our goal is continuous improvement, and we are proud of our bucks and what they contribute!

Available For Purchase

Our kids are raised right with a top notch nutrition and health regimen.  By adding a kid from our herd to yours, you can rest assured you are adding quality to your program.  Occasionally, we have adult milking does available as well.

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