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Cowboy at Work
Farm History

Find Hope Farm sat vacant for a several years before the Cains acquired it.  It was once part of a vast farm belonging to a local family, and The Lions Club park was donated by a previous owner of our farm.  For many years, this farm was well loved and cared for by its stewards.  We consider it our responsibility to restore it to its former state in an attempt to honor the long history of this unique and beautiful property.

The farm has everything we could ever wish for.  We have 5.27 beautiful acres with a small creek running through the back.  The old barn is built with 12"x12" hand hewn timbers, and the original slate roof tiles are still stored in the loft.  Cedar shake shingles sit under the newer metal roof, and can still be seen from the interior of the barn.  Our home is filled with little details that remind us of the memories that this house has built for us and others.  We consider ourselves fortunate to make this our home, and we look forward to many more years here.

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