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Management Protocols

Every farm has their own system that works best for them.  Here are some of our policies that work well for our herd.

Herd Testing

Our herd is tested annually for CAE.  Additionally, all milkers are tested annually for Q Fever.  We are the only goat herd in the state enrolled in the accreditation programs for Johne's, Tuberculosis, and Brucellosis.  Our herd has always been abcess free.


All goats are vaccinated annually for CD&T.  Does are boostered 30 days before freshening, and kids are boostered at 6, 10, and 14 weeks.  Kids are vaccinated for pneumonia using the intra-nasal Once PMH vaccine and InForce intra-nasal vaccine.

Daily Routine

The herd has access to pasture during the day, and high quality orchard/alfalfa hay at all times.  We feed a custom milled ration and work with a nutritionist to keep our does in peak condition.  Milkers access a mineral bar from Free Choice Enterprises, and dry stock have Thorvin Kelp and Duraferm minerals available free choice.


We deworm on an as-needed basis, as recommended by our veterinarian based on fecal analysis.  We do use herbal dewormer and essential oils, but we still monitor and utilize chemical dewormer as needed.

Hoof Care

All animals are trimmed on a bi-monthly basis, or more often if needed.

Kid Care

Kids are trough raised on pasteurized milk.  Coccidia prevention utilized on a feed-trhough basis, and additional treatment is administered as needed.  Kids are offered free-choice 16% starter grain and free choice hay and minerals.

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