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Goat Milk Herd Shares

We believe fresh goat milk is hard to beat for taste and nutrition.  We currently have herd shares available for purchase.  Purchase price is $50 and monthly agistment is $50.  A full share will receive a gallon of milk a week.  Half shares are available.  Milk for Pet or Craft Use Only is sometimes available for $16/gallon.  

At the conclusion of 2022, our herd remains the only goat herd in the state of Ohio enrolled in the state accreditation programs for eradication of Johne's Disease, Tuberculosis, and Brucellosis.  Our milking herd is also annually tested through the Ohio Department of Agriculture for Q Fever.  These are zoonotic diseases and we consider it vitally important that milk is produced responsibly.  We invite inquiries and questions!

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