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Find Hope Zen Medusa

DOB: 5/30/19 AA2031750 ADGA Pedigree

Sire: *B Tera-Del Neo Zensation FS83 +++ (03-04)

Dam: Find Hope Zen Mon Mothma FS83 +VV+ (01-04)

Medusa is a line breeding on her sire, and we are pleased with the results.  So far Medusa demonstrates very straight and correct legs and width throughout.  SHe is more level across her rump than her dam.  She's a bit spoiled as she was a late kid, but that's ok!  We are interested to see how she freshens in 2021.


Linear Appraisal


Offspring in Herd



Breeding Plans 2019


B: N/A            D: 


Dam Line

Sire Line

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