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SG Addi-Hill Silas Savanna 2*M

DOB: 5/9/16 A1817229 ADGA Pedigree

Sire: Roeburn's KVLS Silas FS82 +V+ (01-04)

Dam: Addi-Hill Shamus Saba FS92 EEEE (06-03)

Savanna was graciously made available to us just as we began to dip our toes into the Alpine dairy goat world.  We are so grateful to the Dignan family at Addi-Hill French Alpines for providing us with these lovely genetics as foundation for our herd.  Savanna is a very long, tall, and level doe.  She is very slow maturing, and we are confident her best years are ahead of her!  She has the reputation of a trouble maker, although she counters it with the sweetest disposition in the barn so it's very difficult to be mad at her.  Her first daughter has exceeded expectations, taking BJDIS her third show of the season at just 2 months of age.  Each freshening has brought more maturity, and Savanna's daughters have been exquisite.  We adore her!

Savanna has continued to mature more beautifully with each freshening.  Unfortunately, a minor hip injury as a 3 year old has mostly kept her out of the show ring, but her value as a brood doe has been unparalelled for our herd. 

Linear Appraisal


02-02 84 +V++ 

03-04 89 VEVV



2018: 280 DIM #1360 49 38


2019: 323 DIM #2130 66 60

2020: 268 DIM #1690 48 45

2021: 314 DIM #2190 64 56

Breeding Plans 2021

Patteran A-Z N-Jafar

B: N/A            D: $500

Due: 3/13/22

Dam Line

Sire Line

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