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SG Addi-Hill Major Charee 1*M

DOB: 5/15/17 A1886751 ADGA Pedigree

Sire: Pixie Hollow KS Major

Dam: Addi-Hill Patriot Chimera

Raven was purchased as a kid from Addi-Hill French Alpines.  Raven is tall and leggy, with a sweet and calm disposition.  She freshened with a globular, capacious udder, and she has matured into a stunning young doe with a bright future ahead of her! 

Raven has deepened with maturity and is one of our favorites in the herd.  She is a persistent milker, with a level and long lactation rather than an impressive peak.  She has been exceedingly stingy with doe kids - but we have retained an AI son by old Goose-Crossing lines.


Linear Appraisal

02-04 89 VEEV



2019: 177 DIM #1130 39 32

2020: 276 DIM #2080 79 59

2021: 337 DIM #2370 95 68

Offspring in Herd

Find Hope Halston Rafiki

Breeding Plans 2021

Kickapoo-Valley Night Doctor

B: N/A            D: $500

Due: 4/4/22

Dam Line

Sire Line

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