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Sunrising Charmer Nell

DOB: 3/9/17 A1845766 ADGA Pedigree

Sire: GCH Windrush Farms IRS Charmer FS89 VEV (04-06)

Dam: Sunrising Pad Nellie FS89 VEVV (02-06)



2018: 216 DIM #780

                     in progress

Nell is a very immature young doe, and her yearling LA score reflects her immaturity.  Her genetics have a reputation for being slow maturing does, so we are looking forward to what the future will bring.  She has excellent teat placement and is a very lanky doe - when she grows into her legs she will be a sight to see! Her dam has limited milk records due to the loss of half of her udder in her second lactation, but prior to the udder damage she was a promising milker.  Her breeder feels her dam was one of his best does.


Linear Appraisal


01-04 +AAA FS77

Offspring in Herd

Sunrising MCCA Noah

Breeding Plans 2018

PVGF Onyx Kristoff

B: N/A            D: $300

Due: 2/22/2019

Sire Line

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