The Penn Hill Miss Lana

DOB: 2/24/10 E1535040 ADGA Pedigree

Sire: Poverty Knob Big Red

Dam: Merri-Acres Lanalyn



2018: 224 DIM #1220 44 36

2019: 270 DIM #1870 70 60 (in progress)                  

Lana has proven herself to be a hardy, reliable, and stoic doe.  She stands on a fantastic set of feet and legs, scoring an 'E' in shoulder assembly at 8 and 9 years of age. 


Lana is easy to handle, an easy keeper, and lovely to milk - she passes these traits onto her daughters. She is a joy to have around the barn and takes her role as matriarch very seriously. 

Linear Appraisal


08-05 86 VVV+

09-07 90 EEEE  (permanent score)

Offspring in Herd

The Pen Hill Miss Molly

Breeding Plans 2019

M*L Legacy Sweet Victory

B: N/A            D: $400

Due: 3/18/20

Dam Line

Sire Line