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The Penn Hill Miss Lana 1*M

DOB: 2/24/10 E1535040 ADGA Pedigree

Sire: Poverty Knob Big Red

Dam: Merri-Acres Lanalyn



2018: 224 DIM #1220 44 36

2019: 289 DIM #1910 72 62 

2020: 276 DIM #1360 53 45

2021: 223 DIM #1010 40 33 

Lana was our very first goat and has proven herself to be a hardy, reliable, and stoic doe.  She stands on a fantastic set of feet and legs, scoring an 'E' in shoulder assembly at 8 and 9 years of age. 


Lana is easy to handle, an easy keeper, and lovely to milk - she passes these traits onto her daughters. She is a joy to have around the barn and takes her role as matriarch very seriously. 

At 12 (!!) years of age, Lana is still as stoic and hardy as ever.  She has proven her worth and value as a wonderful low-maintenance doe.  We have not pushed her for milk production the last few years - she works hard enough as it is!

Linear Appraisal


08-05 86 VVV+

09-07 90 EEEE  (permanent score)

Breeding Plans 2021

Oznayim Sidney Times Two (AI)

B: Inquire          D: $400

Due: 4/26/22

Dam Line

Sire Line

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